The Loker Student Union offers a television-based advertising on select digital monitors through the LSU’s 3-story facility – see facility map. This service creates an effective opportunity for groups to market key event information. Important: All ads are subject to review/approval by the Loker Student Union prior to posting.

Why Advertise in the Union?

  • Cost Efficient: It doesn't get any cheaper than *FREE*
  • High Visibility: Whether visitors are way-finding, eating or enjoying one of the many services in the LSU, they are likely to run into one or more TVs as they pass through the facility.
  • Ecofriendly: TVs are an environmentally friendly mode of communication.
  • Reach Guests Earlier: Using facility TV advertising means reaching guests before they even arrive. Use this in your favor to excite and delight guests as they make their way to your event.
  • Convenient Submission Process: See below for additional information on our submission process as well as specifications for your media.
What type of ads can be played on LSU TVs?

  • Announcements
  • Rollouts
  • Initiatives
  • One-time or on-going events
  • Services
Who can request an advertisement to run in the Union?

  • Student Club & Orgs (*Event must be approved through the Office of Student Life/Toro Link process)
    • All student organization meetings and events must be approved through Toro Link prior to advertising.
    • Only on-campus student events can be advertised on the LSU TV monitors.
  • Campus Departments & Committees
  • Faculty/Staff